The African Episcopal Church

The mission and purpose of the African Episcopal Church is to serve the greater African Diaspora spiritually, educationally, historically, emotionally, and practically.
In an effort to fulfil this mission, we endeavor to:
  1. Become a beacon of hope for the people of God who have been ostracized, oppressed, used and abused, beaten, battered, raped, robbed and pillaged for the past five-hundred plus (500+) years.
  2. Provide a source of accurate historical and educational truth for those who have had their history, national identity, bloodline, birthright and heritage stolen from them by means of westernized lies and propaganda.
  3. Establish and maintain center(s) of Afrocentric restoration (Churches) to serve our families and communities.
  4. Identify the needs of our families and communities on a national and international level.